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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Does It Mean To Revere God?

What does it mean to revere God?   To reverence Him.   You have to understand what reverence means.   How can you do what you do not know?   When you revere something.....you love it beyond doubt.   Unquestioningly and uncritically.   You have a deep honor and respect for it.   This is where we should be with God.    There should be no questions about whether you honor or love God.   There are no "buts" in love.   Where we say I love you .... "but" I wish you would do this.   I love you ..... "but" I don't understand.    Unquestionable love does not have room for alternative answers.    It just is......

We should honor God.   We should have high respect and esteem for who He is.   What He has done.   As well as, what He is doing in our lives.    We should respect God.   When you respect someone......you have regard for their feelings, wishes, and rights.    Have we really been respecting God?   Do we care about how it makes Him feel when our lives are not in line with His word.   Obedience is part of respect.   By obeying God's word we are saying that we care about how our lives.....our lifestyle.....makes Him feel.

We have to move into a place of reverence.   Of deep respect.   Your Father is the Creator of the universe.  He is the Great I Am.   He is the one that was ....is....and is to come.   We take that so lightly and we fail to understand the significance of who He is.  

Get an understanding today.   An understanding of who God is .... not only to you but to those around you.   He is our Healer.   Our Deliverer.   Our Strong Tower.   He is our Safety.   Our Provider.   Our Peace.   He is Lord of Lords.   King of Kings.   He is God.   He is Love.  

Until you truly understand who He is.....you can't walk in true reverence.   Your understanding of a thing determines how you interpret or view it.   Complete understanding of His significance will allow you to reverence God in spirit and in truth.  

Worship For Today....
"Because Of Who You Are"
Ministered By Vicki Yohe


  1. He is the great I am!!! He is more and more and greater and greater and ...Amen

  2. Amen.....More and More....More than we will every know.....

  3. Amen somebody! I love my God. I will revere God for the rest of my life.

  4. He is my night and shinning armor, a protector in time of trouble, a bridge over trouble waters, a illuminator, a conselor, a revealer, circumstance changer, a way maker, a sword, a cleanser, he is God almigty!!!!


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