Monday, April 08, 2013

Are You Trying To Live A Life Of Deception or Do You Know Who You Are In God?

Are you deliberately trying to deceive?   Trying to make people think you are something you are not.  Trying to make them believe you did something you did not.   Are  you trying to make it appear like you are walking with God and you are not?   Why are you deliberately trying to portray yourself to appear differently before certain people?  Do you not understand that God sees it all?   Do you not understand that it is God alone that you will have to answer to?  Do you not understand that He created you different for a reason?   

Stop living a life of deception.   Live your life in the reality of who God is.   Understanding who you are in Him and resting in the fact that you never have to portray deception because you are unique and divine creation of God.  

Worship For Today..
"I Know Who I Am"
Ministered By Israel & New Breed

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