Do You Realize When You Stand On God’s Word He Will Back Up Your Words? Are You Making Sure You Are Identifying Yourself With The Things Of God and Not The Ways Of The World?

We live in a world today where everyone wants to say that everything is okay but everything is not okay.   It’s not okay to live your life any kind of way.   It’s not okay to use your mouth to just say just anything.   It’s not okay to identify yourself with the things that God has already said are an abomination.   Everything is NOT okay to do.    
As we read God’s Word, we understand that He has been very clear about the difference between right and wrong.   He identified the difference between good behaviors and bad.   He identified the difference between things which are acceptable and things that are not.   God has been very clear about what we should do and should not.    
We have to let go of the worlds way of doing things.   That includes the worlds way of thinking.    We have to take a stand for what is right and we cannot be intimidated by what someone else things about that stand.    When we take a stand for what God says is right, we have to understand that at that point God…

What Are Your Words Influencing The Environment and The People Around You To Do?

Are you talking just to be saying something or are you speaking words on purpose with purpose?   You have got understand the power of your words.   God said in His Word that every idle word that we speak, we shall give an account for.   When something is idle, it is without purpose or effect.   It is pointless and sometimes when we speak, we say things that are pointless and without value.  When something is pointless, it doesn’t make sense, it has no use, and it is without purpose.   
Understand the power of words.  It was with words that God created the heaven and the earth.   He spoke things into existence.    It was because of words, Adam and Eve was led astray.   Words carry within them an influential power.   The power to influence things to change.   To influence means to have an affect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something.    How many times have you allowed someone else’s words to influence your behavior?   Better yet, how many times have you used …

God Has Called You Out Of Darkness ... Are You Allowing The Light Of His Word To Light Your Path?

Is the Word of God a lamp and a light unto you?   Are you allowing it to light your path?   The thing about going down a path is that it can be dark.   When you walk in the dark, you really can’t see where your feet are or what you are treading in or upon.   You can’t see what is before you and you can’t see what can jump out at you or even what may come up behind you.   Are you allowing the Word to light your path or have you grown accustomed to walking in the dark.   
God’s Word is light.   It dispels darkness.   In other words it overcomes darkness.   It has the power within it to show you the way that you should go but it is up to you to turn on the light of God’s Word so that you can see clearly.     
It is not God will for you to continuously walk in darkness.   It is His desire for us to see and know what’s is before us.   He was direct in saying that He has given us the power to tread upon serpents but if you walk in darkness, you can’t see those things that you should be treadi…

Are You Resting Your Mind In The Promises Of God and Your Body In Doing The Will Of God?

What do you do when you feel you have done all you can?   Do you keep trying to make things work out on your own or do you surrender everything to God for Him to work it out?   We have to learn how to surrender “all”.   So often in life we keep trying to figure things out.   We keep trying to make things work out on our own and we never surrender everything in totality to God.   We have to learn how to truly give everything in our lives over to the “One” who can work everything in our lives together for our good. 
God is a good Father.   He sees all and He knows all things.   He knows what we have been through, what we are going through, and what we will encounter in the future.   We have to understand, God’s purpose and God’s plan involves our entire life and not just what we are going through momentarily.   Again, God sees all and He knows all things, and He is working it all together for our good.
So when you feel like you have done all that you can do, begin to rest in God.   Let yo…

To Who and What Are You Giving Your Yes To?

What are you saying yes to? Do you understand that yes is a word of agreement? Are you saying yes to God?   Are you telling Him yes, I will serve you?   Are you telling Him yes, I will obey you?   Are you giving God your yes or are you saying yes to the ways of the world?   
God is not looking for us to waiver.   As a matter of fact, He has said in His Word that we are to be hot or cold.   He said if we are lukewarm, He will spew us out of His mouth.   Understand, your yes to God needs to be definite.   When something is definite, it is clearly stated and not vague or doubtful.   God does not want you to walk in doubt or fear when it comes to serving Him.    
The world and the worlds ways are a master at presenting you with questions.    One of the main things that questions are meant to do is bring about doubt and debate.  To have doubt means to be uncertain and to lack conviction.   Doubt will also cause you to walk in fear because you are unsure about what you said you have faith in.…

Are You Allowing What You Know God Did For You In The Past To Strengthen Your Faith For What You Need Him To Do Now?

What will you do when you feel there is nothing left to do?   Will you surrender and trust God or will you give up and quit?   You have to know that God has a plan.   There are times when things work out exactly like you want them to but there are other times when it feels like nothing is working out.   It’s at those times you have to trust what God said when He said that “He” is working everything together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.
Do you believe that God has called you?   If you do, you have to trust Him to take care of you.    One thing you must remember is the enemy’s number one goal is to cause you to lose your faith and to give up on God.   Will you let him?   Will you give the enemy the satisfaction of knowing that he was successful in causing your faith to fail.    I hope your answer is no.   I hope that you are determined to trust God no matter what.    
Have you every had a situation occur that looked really bad initially but a…

Are You Walking In Worry and Fear or Are You Determined To Stay In Faith and Fear Not?

Are you waiting and resting in God or are you trying to figure things out and work things out on your own?   We have to understand, God is God all by Himself.   He wants us to believe Him, trust Him, and to wait on Him.    The question is, what are you doing in the waiting?  In other words, what are you doing while you wait?   
Are you walking in obedience while you wait?    God said in His Word that if we be willing and obedient, we shall eat the good of the land.   So walking in obedience opens up the door for God’s goodness to flow freely in your life.   You will see and receive God’s goodness.   
Are you trusting and acknowledging God while you wait?   God said to trust Him with all of you heart and to lean not to your own understanding.   He said to acknowledge Him in all of your ways and He will direct your path.    So if you need direction in your life, make sure you are trusting and acknowledging God (His will and His way of doing things) while you wait on Him to move in your li…