Sunday, December 01, 2013

What Are You Saying? Do You Understand The Power Of Life and Death Has Been Placed In Your Mouth ... It Is Operational Everytime You Speak ...

Are you watching what you are saying ... or are you just saying the first thing that pops in your head?   We have to get past reacting.    God says that His people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.   We have to begin to make sure we have full knowledge of our situation, of our surroundings, of our circumstances before we begin to react.   When we walk in knowledge, we are able to respond to our situation, surroundings and circumstances better.   We then know what to pray about.  What to talk about and what to believe God for.   

Too often we say things that we should not say.   Online communications can be the worst because when we write things ... it is then left up to the reader to interpret.    We have to begin to be sure of our words.   Understanding that words carry within them power.   Words can build people up or words can tear people down.   Words can encourage and words can discourage.   Words can be full of faith and words can be full of doubt and fear.    We have to begin to understand that it does matter what we say and how we say it.   It matters what we write and how we write it.   God created the world with words and the Bible says that the power of life and death is now in  your mouth.   What exactly are you saying?  

Worship For Today ...
Ministered By Hawk Nelson

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