God Is Ready To Take You To A New Time and New Season .... Everyone Can't Go.....Don't Be Intimidated When They Don't Understand .....

What are you depending on to take you up in life?   Are you depending on people, places, or things?   Are you depending on your job, your family, or your friends?    Understand today that the only one that has the power to elevate you is God.   The Bible says that promotion comes from the Lord.    God will promote you in various levels of your life.   He will promote you financially, as well as, spiritually.   He will promote you in the area of relationships and economically.     Promotion means to go from one level to another.   It means to increase.    It is God's desire to increase you.   To move you forward.   To launch you.     The question is are you pulling back when He is trying to pull you forward.    Understand that as long as self is prevalent .... He can't take you where He wants to  or do what He desires to do for you.    When you get to your next level, it means you are more noticeable.    God wants to make you more noticeable so that the people in your circle of influence will be able to see Him more clearly.    The closer you are to a person or a thing ... the more clearly you can see it.    

It's time for God to elevate you.   Do what you need to do in order to dump all the unnecessary weight.   Don't be too weighty.   Don't try to take all the baggage with you.   Everything and everyone can't go with you to your next destination.    Did you hear me...... everything and everyone can't go.   They were meant for this time and this season and God is ready to take you to a new time and a new season.    In saying that ..... I need you to also understand that people in your circle may not understand your purpose ... the thing that God has called YOU to do.   When you don't understand the purpose of a thing you don't know how to handle it.   It can even make you feel intimidated when you try to use it.   Understand that if people around you don't understand what God is calling you to do, they may feel somewhat intimidated or confused and in turn they may try to intimidate you.  Break the bondage of intimidation and move forward in doing what God has called you to do.   Amen.   

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Anonymous said…
Lord, I am ready for YOU to take me to a new time and new season!!! Help me to accept this new calling and to become the woman that I was meant to be. Help me to just "do it" and stop putting things off. How many times have YOU said in YOUR WORD "to fear not?" YOU have got me covered!!! I just need to tell myself that over and over again.
YOU are such an AWESOME GOD!!!
R. Lynn Moore said…

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