Thursday, September 06, 2012

What Do You Do When You Are Feeling Lost and Confused ... Are You Allowing God To Heal Your Open Wounds Of Pain, Hurt, and Discouragement?

Are you feeling lost and confused?   Are you at the point where you don't know what to do?  Where to go?   Who to talk to?   Stop ... and stand still.   Understand that God knows.   Understand that He is still working through your hurt and through your pain.   God is still at work to bring you the expected end that He has promised you.    The thing about being in pain is that it is hard to move around when you are in pain.   It's hard to take the next step or to get up when it hurts.    When you stop to think about a person who has just had surgery .... one of the hardest things to do is to move around.   Even when you are laying down in bed ... its still hard to move.   That's because you have been cut and the wounds are still fresh and open.    That's how life is.   When you have been hurt and the wounds are still fresh ... it's hard to shift positions.   But understand God is here to help.    He is trying to pull you up and out of the position you are in.   He is trying to help you to be healed, set free, and delivered from the hurts, pains, and discouragements that life brings.    

When you are feeling lost ... go to God.   Tell Him.   Ask Him to help your find your way.   When you are confused ... go to His word and allow Him to bring understanding to your situation.    When you need someone to talk to .... talk to Him.   He is listening and He is ready and willing to respond to the situations that are going on in your life.    Let go and let God.   Let Him be the firm foundation in your life.  The one that you run to when you don't know where to turn.   

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