When Will We Come To The "Secret Place Of God" and Dwell There....

The Secret Place....
The Place Where God Is....
The Place Where He Has Called Us To Dwell....

Psalm 91 is such an awesome scripture.   It starts out telling us of the safety that is available to us in the secret place of God.   It tells us that if we dwell in the secret place....if we stay fixed in who He is.....we will have safety.   

What you have to understand is the secret place is not available to everyone.   The word secret means that it is not known or seen.   Nor is it meant to be known or seen by others.    It is a place of protection.   It is a place of power.   

The problem is.....we move in and out.   We treat God's secret place like a "temporary shelter".   We don't look at it as a long term residence.   We use it as a means of temporary shelter from the elements of life.   When we are in an uncomfortable position....we run in.   When things calm down....we come back out to the worlds way of doing things.    

We have to understand what it means to dwell.   To take up permanent residence.   To move in without the option of moving out.   Understanding that there is no other place to go.   There are no other places in life that will offer  you the protection and power that God offers.    "Abiding" ....  withstanding, enduring, conforming and staying..... in the will, purpose, and plan of God.   

God has invited YOU and revealed to YOU His "Secret Place".   He has given you His word and exposed Himself through His word to you.   He has shown you who He is.   Not everyone can hear what God is saying.   Not everyone can understand what God is saying.   But He has chosen  you to hear and to understand.   But what we do with what we know....is a choice He has left  up to us.     He said...."choose this day....".  

Why do you think He chose you?   Why do you think out of all the people in the world....He is revealing Himself to you?    An even better question is.....what will you do with what He is revealing to you?  

Today you are the cup that God is pouring in to and passing around for others to drink from.    Will what they drink be bitter or sweet.    Jesus gave the people wine.....yet He was given vinegar on the cross. 

 Jesus is the new wine that has been poured out for you and me.....what will you pour out in return?

Worship For Today....
"I Want The Best Wine"
Ministered By William Murphy


Anonymous said…
Psalm 91 is one of my favorite bible verses. I learned it years ago and put my name in it. It
is so personal and empowering when you use your name and realize how much GOD loves you and all HE will do for you!!!
R. Lynn Moore said…
Amen....and that is what it truly means to be in the secret place of God. When we take ourselves and put ourselves in His Word and allow the Word to become a reality in our lives. Allow it to cover us and cleanse us.....Amen!

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